Why was this site created?

The idea for this project came about through participation in the NextUp Climate Leadership Program, which provides training in climate policy and leadership skills, and supports participants to develop an individual project which contributes positively to taking action on climate change.

Website Creator

Over the past 8 years Corey Dekker has gained experience leading public and Indigenous engagement on major resource projects across Canada. This experience spans dozens of projects, including some of the more contentious proposal in modern Canadian history (e.g. the Ring of Fire in Ontario and the Trans Mountain Expansion Project in Alberta and BC).

By leveraging his experience in stakeholder and rightsholder engagement, the vision for GreenSocialLicense.ca is to support REStartups in their efforts to establish positive relationships with communities interested in their projects. GreenSocialLicense.ca is the portal Corey created to offer free Rights & Interests mapping services to REstartups anywhere in Canada.

Corey has degrees in politics and political theory from Simon Fraser University and the London School of Economics. He divides his time between Calgary and Vancouver and is a status member of the Pine Creek First Nation. 

Other Contributors

In the development of this site many have contributed their ideas and insights, and some have expressed interest in working on this project in the future. Anyone interested in contributing to this project is encouraged to get in touch.